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Royyan Wijaya

Those things that I use

Somehow I wondering what tools other people use. So, here are mine.

The choosing process is simple. If I enjoy it, I will use it. Also, I will update the list frequently. Just in case I missed something to write below. Let’s see how the list goes.

Installed on my PC

  • Adobe Illustrator — my everyday tool to create everything vector-related-works. Ayo Icons is created using Adobe Illustrator.
  • Figma — the only design software I use for UI/UX works, it has everything I need to design a website or application. Tons of plugins, easy to use, and not forget to mention their community files are a game changer. I used to be a Sketch user before. But now, all my love goes to Figma. FYI, Ayo Icons is also available as a Figma community file. You can get it here.
  • Telegram — my main chat platform.
  • Firefox — my main browser.
  • Discord — gaming time with friends.
  • Github — to save and develop my site.
  • Visual Studio Code — I use it to write code. This blog site is written using it.
  • Spotify — my main music streaming app and sneaking what my friends are listening to. Superman Is Dead, Green Day, and Arctic Monkeys are my all-time favourite bands.
  • Steam — all the sales events are addictive. I can’t resist.
  • Authy — two-factor authentication service to secure my important links.
  • Skiff — to send and receive email from my domain.
  • Todoist — to-do list app to keep my life organized.
  • Nucleo — to organize all of Ayo Icons library.
  • iA Writer — my main writing app. It’s nice and minimal, I love it.
  • Koofr — securely saving my files on the cloud. I used Dropbox before. Glad I found a Koofr lifetime plan on a Stacksocial afterwards. It saves a lot of money, haha.


  • Behance — to share my portfolio on the internet. I was actively uploaded my works on Dribbble before they fucking around with their algorithm.
  • Framer — no-code platform to build my site.
  • Bento — to gather all of my social links with a nice and minimal visual design.
  • Twitter/𝕏 — my main scrolling around for hours waste of life.
  • — I use it as my online resume.
  • Post — I feel productive by just posting thoughts there. It’s full of supercool professionals with no-LinkedIn-behavior.
  • Photopea — I use it mostly to create a meme.


  • uBlock — to block ads from the internet.
  • Fonts Ninja — to get to know what fonts are used on a website.
  • my mind — to organize my brain and to not try to remember anything I found on the internet.
  • Bitwarden — to store all of my passwords securely.
  • Grammarly — to help me writing my third language better.