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Royyan Wijaya

Life presence

Technically, we didn't exist to people who don't know us.

“Have you ever wondered before how important is our presence to other people?” It was a random thought I got while waiting for my wife looking around at the accessories store. I saw many people walking and minding their own business. And then a random thought of mine came out of nowhere, asking me a silly question.

If I am not sitting here, looking at the other people. I am sure I thought most of them didn’t exist. I don’t know all of them until I saw them with my own eyes. Perhaps, they have the same thought as mine.

That’s totally random, I never thought of it before. For me, it was wild and interesting at the same time. I just realized if NPCs are real, me is one of them.

The celebrities you watched on TV, the social media influencer you followed before. All of them didn’t know you are exist. The more I thought about it the more it’s getting weird. It’s crazy that somehow we have a much time to defend a celebrity and hate each other about it. Then on the other side, the celebrities you defend are just continuing and enjoying their life. Eating fancy food, wearing designer clothes, a luxury watch, and didn’t forget to ride their supercars. Our presence is important to people who already knew us, don’t waste it.

Not long after, my wife met me and we continue to find some foods for dinner. That was a blessing night and a chaotic thoughts. Thanks life.